What is Publishing?

Publishing is the distribution of data, music, literature which provides the public with various types of knowledge. In the majority of cases, we refer to publishing to describe what appears in magazines, books, and newspapers in printed form. However, today we also find publications in different formats such as on television, eBooks, websites, video games, mobile apps, and more.

The concept of publishing starts with an idea which is then written down either on paper or in digital form. From this point on, in order to publish the content to the public, the content must be edited, then produced, printed or displayed along with marketing the content and distributing it, so as to make it available to the largest possible number of readers and consumers.


Newspapers are normally printed at specific times each week and either provide local or national news coverage, however, some newspapers only print certain topics for a specific group of individuals that are interested in the topic, such as company newsletters.

Periodical Publishing

In some instances, newspapers are considered periodicals. In most cases, periodicals are synonymous with magazines or academic journals that are published once per month or per week, whereas in the cases of academic journals they’re only published after research is complete which can take up to a year or more to be ready.


There are several different genres of books published by many different authors: from academic books to non-fiction to romance… And the list goes on and on.


These can be found on the Internet as well as in printed publications. Examples would be telephone books, mailing lists, lists of attorneys, physicians, and so on.


Tie-in includes publication of computer hardware, mobile telephony, music systems, television, cinemas, and radio. In the majority of cases, if you are talking about a movie you will find that the publication of the movie will also include toys, models, video games, soundtrack albums, and a comic book version or novel, which helps with marketing the movie.


Many authors are now creating eBooks, so they can provide their books to those that wish to download them Social media network concept on phone.on their electronic gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets.


Apps are used with tablets and smartphones. They can include maps, games, and other types of information made available by developers to be useful to the general public.

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