Keeping Plants In Publishing Houses

Working for a publisher often involves long hours of scrutinising copy. Over time this can sap morale. Managers of such businesses might need to change the office décor. Potted plants are ideal. A common issue is that workers do not know how to properly care for certain species. If this is the case then they could use the Planta app. It helps people to determine what is wrong with their plant and then come up with a treatment plan to bring it back to full health.

Aids Attention Spans

Publishers have to sift through a huge amount of manuscripts. For this reason, the employees require a healthy attention span and the ability to concentrate for many hours on end. Plants have been found to increase these skills significantly in a number of studies. Therefore managers will likely find downloading the plant care app to be very appealing. Over time they could see a great boost in productivity.

Brightens Up The Office

There are also aesthetic benefits to consider. An office filled with plants is much more colourful than one that favours a minimalist and bare interior design. People tend to be much happier if their work environment has nice decorations. The key is to avoid garish and tacky elements. It can also be hard to choose ones that have mass appeal. Plants are beloved by a wide range of people. This is one of the main reasons why publishing houses utilise them.

Plants For Specific Brightness Levels

These types of office can vary in how much light they have. Some of them need to have very high brightness levels so that workers can read manuscripts. However, others might be dimmer to prevent eye strain. Planta gives users access to a light meter. It lists the kinds of plants that would do well in such environments. This will prevent publishers from picking an inappropriate species.

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