Skincare for Publishing Professionals

Regardless of profession, a good skincare routine is important. Our skin can become dry and more wrinkled over time, but an effective regime of skin maintenance can help keep the ageing process at bay and keep our largest organ in good health. Thought necessary for anyone, a good skincare routine can be particularly important for those working in professional publishing. When attending meetings with colleagues, speaking with authors and even engaging with members of the public; it’s always best that a publisher is able to look their best. This article will take you through the steps you can take to maintain an effective skincare routine when working as a professional publisher.

Cleansing and Toning

Following a long day at the office reading through upcoming book releases, attending meetings and preparing everything for big launches; the skin can be a little tired and dirty from the hard day that’s gone by. Cleansing the skin after work, and in the morning before heading out, is important for clearing the pores of any dirt and pollutants. An effective cleansing and toning ritual will allow you to maintain clean and healthy skin, whilst keeping acne spots away too. Making things simple, Verso Skincare provides a full range of skincare products that are suited to different skin types.

As a professional publisher, Verso Skincare can help you take your skincare routine to the next level; even providing a questionnaire you can fill out to ensure you’re getting the ideal products for you and your skin type. Verso skincare is ideal for publishers as they take the hassle out of buying skincare products, guiding you with what you may need and then conveniently shipping it all to your door. A recommended skincare routine aided by Verso skincare products would be to cleanse and tone your skin before you go to sleep each night as a minimum, and ideally to cleanse again in the morning before you head to the office. Before using any new skincare product, be sure to conduct a patch test.


After cleansing and toning the skin on your face, it’s often recommended for you to moisturise. As a professional publisher, moisturising will help you to make a good impression with any clients and colleagues you’re interacting with. This is due to the fact that good moisturising routines can help ease redness and puffiness around the eyes (the things that make you look tired) and can provide your skin with a healthy glow. As with cleansing and toning, you’ll be thankful to know that Verso skincare also provide moisturising products that are tailored to your specific skin type and the goals you hope to achieve. Avoid moisturising too much, as this can leave your skin looking greasy and can risk causing acne breakouts due to the excess moisture and grease. Daytime and nighttime products can be purchased, being used literally as they say on the box. Apply a daytime moisturiser before heading to work, saving your nighttime product for before you go to sleep. Use a small amount of product when applying moisturiser, and ensure you rub it in thoroughly and leave it to soak into your skin.

Publishers may lead busy lives, but this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your skincare routine. Stick to a thorough routine and the results will help keep your skin healthy and make a wonderful first impression with your work colleagues.

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