21st Century Publishing

Technology advancements in the 21st century have changed publishing in a huge way. Changes that we now enjoy include accessible publishing, print on demand and eBooks. In 2005, in the United Kingdom and the United States eBooks grew quickly and were readily available in main publishing markets. Sony, Amazon.com, and Google have been working with libraries as well as publishers to digitize books for the general public to be able to download them to various electronic Women Use Tabletgadgets so they could be enjoyed instead of running to the local library. Amazon released the Kindle Reader in 2011 which was a huge leader in the industry as well as Nook from Barnes & Noble and the Apple iPad.


Books that can be printed on demand have changed the publishing industry due to the fact that publishers do not have to store the books they print, especially those that are low in demand at a given time. This is a true advantage for small publishing companies as they can publish books without suffering high physical costs. It also benefits huge publishing companies as they can better market and sell their backlisted items.

Accessible publishing digitizes books into a format called XML so that the books can be created in more than one type of file readable on different types of devices, targeting those consumers who may have difficulty reading the regular format. The various formats include eBooks, audiobooks, DAISY, Braille, larger print, and specialized printing for those with problems such as eye tracking, dyslexia, and macular degeneration.

The creation of eBooks has brought many new authors to the market as they can easily create their own story and upload it to their website or even email it to friends and family.

There are several different free services for new authors to use to create their own eBooks such as CreateSpace by Amazon or Smashwords, making eBooks available online and across the globe. New authors are given the opportunity to get into the market with less effort and reach those across the world that may enjoy reading the novels or essays they create.

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