History of Publishing

990px-diamond_sutraIn the year 808, The Diamond Sutra was printed – this is known as the oldest printed book in the world. It is a 7-page scroll that was printed using wooden blocks placed on paper and was published in China.

During the 11th century, the Koreans and Chines were trying various movable type using iron, bronze, wood, and clay.

In 1440, Johann Gutenberg from Germany invented the movable type, by creating a wooden printing press with foundry cast metal letters and numbers. In 1455, he printed the Latin Bible.

In 1475, William Caxton from England created the very first book that was printed in English which was the Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye.

In 1559, the printing of Index of Forbidden Books that were decided to be dangerous for morality and faith was published by Pope Paul IV.

In 1639, the very first books that were published in America by Stephen Day which was An Almanack in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Freeman’s Oath.

In 1690, Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick became America’s first newspaper published in Boston, Massachusetts. However, it was closed down as they were operating the paper without a royal license.

The first modern magazine was published in 1731 in England, The Gentleman’s Magazine. The magazine included such content as political commentary, poems, stories, and essays.

In 1764, Frenchman Pierre Fournier created the point system which was used to measure the sizes of type. It was taken forward by Francois Didot which created the consistency of type measure for the entire world.

In 1771, the very first English encyclopedia was published known as the Encyclopaedia Britannica, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The first daily newspaper in America came about in 1793 named the Pennsylvania Evening Post

In 1796, a creation or method of image transfer was developed by Alois Senefelder in Germany. This development was known as lithography and created high quality printed images.

The all metal printing press was manufactured by the Third Earl of Stanhope in 1800.

The first crossword puzzle was seen in 1913 in the New York World.

In 1914, Tarzan of the Apes by author Edgar Rice Burroughs was published.

The first Pulitzer Prize was given in 1917 for the reporting and editorial writing, history of the United States and autobiography or biography. In 1918, drama, poetry, and fiction were added.

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