Self-Publishing: Tips on Getting Started

With recent developments in technology, self-publishing has become easier. However, with this ease, the market can become saturated with authors attempting to make their writing dreams come true.

Authors need to make sure that they stand-out, not only in what they write but the way they market to their chosen demographic.

Choosing a Topic

It goes without saying, but this starting point will lay the foundation for successful self-publishing.

Some critical factors in considering the topic for your writing will be:

  • Write about what you know; while not always a pre-requisite (see below), writing on a familiar topic will always be the best starting point for a new writer. If you are particularly passionate about a topic, that will also help give you the drive to complete the project
  • If you would like to write about a topic you may not be familiar with, there should at least be ways in which you can educate yourself about it. Failing to fully understand your content will be seen negatively in the eyes of readers and discourage positive engagement (and reviews!).

Setting a Timeline

Make sure to set yourself a timeline based on:

  • Finishing specific chapters
  • Finishing the whole book
  • Editing the book
  • Beginning marketing
  • And lastly, launching for self-publishing

When self-publishing, you will not have an editor giving deadlines to meet, which could result in your project dragging on indefinitely. This may cause feelings of being deflated and unmotivated. Self-imposed deadlines will help maintain structure and drive. This can be extended to include daily deadlines, and dedicated writing hours per day, where you have a set time that you will be sitting at your desk, surrounded by coffee flasks and teapots, while hard at work.


If you are approaching self-publishing while acknowledging the new developments in this field, then how you market your work should also take a modern twist. Self-publishing comes without support from a publishing company with a marketing budget. Still, there are various online systems to help you in this respect.

  • Social media marketing can be performed at no cost, and sponsored posts (targeted at key demographics) can be promoted within any budget. An adequately curated social media page, with a link to purchase your written work online can draw substantial interest to your publication.
  • Search engine optimisation can also work within any budget to draw clicks and views to the website that is marketing and selling your work.

With technology, the barrier to entry in self-publishing is significantly reduced and opens up a world of possibilities.

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