Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your First Book for Publishing

It is undoubtedly every writer’s dream to be published by a large publishing firm. While this might sound like something achievable by only the rich and famous, it could actually happen to you if you have the right strategies. The reality is that there are some small mistakes that writers make, and they affect the possibility of being published. They include the following.

Swinging in the Wave

As tempting as it really might be to check what other well-established writers are doing and diving in, this might not help if you do not have the passion for the subject they have written. Just because writing memoirs and inspirational books, such as the ones by Michelle Obama and Gabrielle Union, sold out, does not mean you need to follow blindly and try to replicate them. Publishers and readers can sense when writing is forced and not genuine. Write using your inner voice. Pursue what you are passionate about. When your work oozes originality and character, you will catch the attention of big publishers.

Treating Writing Casually

If you want publishers to take you seriously, you should also take your writing seriously. This starts with where you do your writing. If possible, have a room or space where you can immerse yourself fully without distraction. Add some personal touch of colour to the writing room. It does not have to be drastic and expensive. Even adding unique wallpaper for walls will make a considerable difference and keep you motivated when writing.

Not Thinking as a Publisher

A publisher’s role includes helping you get sales from your book. You have to play a part by making their work easier. Identify your target market. Have an overall objective. Know why you are writing the book, and what it is meant to achieve. Think like a publisher and ask yourself why your writing matters.

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