Getting Yourself Published

Many people dream of being a writer. It seems easy, put pen to paper and scribble down some thoughts and ideas. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Writing a publishable work is much harder than it sounds.

There are a number of tips and ways to write, though, that will make a text more readable, more enjoyable, and therefore, more publishable. Read more here to get some helpful dos and don’ts, and who knows, maybe write a book popular enough to merit first editions sold at auction.

Publishing is the art of making something publically available and is a highly complex process that requires numerous people to be involved. These people will read through all works provided to them and determine whether or not this is something worth investing in. writing a great summary for your work is one of the first points in gaining interest. If the summary doesn’t even sound enticing, then no one is going to bother with the book at all.

Start Small
Some points to help in this process though are simple. First sit down and actually decide what the book is about. Start small and then gradually expand what the book is about until there is a beginning, middle, and end and a rough contents page outlined. Once that is in place, the idea of writing may still seem a
daunting one so simply give yourself word count goals that need to be achieved daily.

Don’t make them huge, as you will never achieve them. Less can be more here, but the key is to be consistent. Routine is always a helpful tool to have, so make sure to write at the same time, in the same place each day. Much like JK Rowling does.

Never Give Up
Another key point to note is perseverance. If you quit, then the book will never get written, and therefore, not get published. Every year, there are millions of books that never even get finished that might have been of extreme help to someone in the world. Push on. Make the goals achievable. Get feedback early on so that the writing doesn’t go astray, and rewrite as often as necessary to keep the mistakes and mediocre writing out.

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