A Guide to Self-Publishing

Finding the Right Site

There are undoubtedly plenty of websites that offer a self-publishing service to independent authors. The first thing a writer should do is to use a search engine to find the best one. The ideal site will depend on the needs of the individual.

Not all services offer colour and picture printing. This can be an issue for people who have books that depend on this. Printing should be an essential factor to consider, before committing to a self-publishing site. So too, should be where the book is being sold. Some sites will publish a novel on popular online stores. If the writer wants it to be compatible with e-reader devices, as well as in hard copy, then this will affect their decision.

Above all else, the royalties given per sale should be the most critical factor. Most reputable self-publishing sites will offer a royalty calculator. This helps writers understand how much they will get paid.

Formatting the Book

If an author wants to be taken seriously, then they need to make sure that their book conforms to industry standards. This can be done by finding a similar book and mimicking its style. This can include both the font style and size.

A digital e-book will have a different format to a hard copy version. There are plenty of smart device programmes out there, such as the livi app and others which can do provide unique services to the user. Apps that can read e-books have particular format requirements. Writers need to recognise these to avoid any issues.

The size of the book itself is also worth considering. Some sites give writers word document downloads, to make sure their book is the correct size for publishing. Keeping the book within a standard format will make finding a printing service much more manageable.


Unlike higher-end publishers, a self-publishing company will not usually offer proofreading services. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the author, to make sure that there are no mistakes. This is an essential thing to do, as it reflects the professionalism of the writer.

Alternatively, an author can pay for a reliable proofreader to do it for them. This will ensure that any spelling or grammatical errors are corrected before the work is printed. This is a step that should not be skipped.


Once the book has been printed and is ready to buy, it is time for its audience to be informed. Self-published novels do not get the same level of marketing as their higher-end counterparts. Therefore, it falls to the author to advertise their own work. This can be done by utilising online tools. Writers can also pay for ad space in publications, to increase public awareness.

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