How to Write a Book That Will Be Published

Writing a book is undoubtedly not an easy undertaking. Most authors quickly find themselves with notebooks full of ideas, possible plotlines and other writing-related stuff that it is all too easy to lose or get mixed up with other things. That’s why, as dull as it may sound, it’s essential to work on your writing set-up before you put pen to paper (or, more likely, finger to keyboard for the first time). In this article, we’ll explore some of the hardware and software products that will make writing any book, whether it be your first ever or a sequel to your best-seller, a straightforward and enjoyable process.

Find the Right Computer

Trying to write on an old computer is only going to cause stress and heartache and create an angry publisher enquiring about a missed deadline. For that reason, it’s well worth investing in a fast computer with a large screen that will be a pleasure to write on. This may cost less than you expect, and options such as a refurbished Apple iMac 27 can help to keep the cost down. Once you have chosen the computer itself, it’s worth spending a little extra on a keyboard that is a delight to type on. Take some time to check out keyboard reviews to find one that really works for you.

Other Things to Consider

Writing is a long process, and you’ll definitely notice if you’re doing it in an uncomfortable chair. Ergonomics are critical now that many of us are spending several hours a day at home in front of our computers so take the time to discover the best office chair for you that will allow you to write in comfort.


Once your computer is set up and you’ve settled into your comfortable new chair, it’s time to sort out the system that will help keep all of your thoughts together. A standard word processor such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs is acceptable in many cases, but if your writing process involves research, then you might want to consider one of the specialist apps for authors that are available. Once you have chosen one, take the time to learn it to make sure you’re getting the best value out of the software and have created the most efficient workflow that is possible. Taking a little bit of extra time to get to know the software before starting to write will make things a lot simpler later on.

Finally, it can be worth setting yourself time to write. It’s all too easy to get distracted, especially on a computer where everything on the internet is just a click away, so consider using Pomodoro timers or other techniques to keep yourself on track when you are writing your book.

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