How the World of Medical Publishing is Changing

For many years, the world of medical research has limited the publishing of its testing programs and results to a tiny number of people. In short, those who did not have a connection to a university or government institution would struggle to get their hands on the information that they need to understand medical developments.

Like so many other fields, the internet has changed things and access to medical information is now much more widely available. This is particularly important in a world of biomedical startups where companies need to be able to react quickly.

How Startups Have Changed Medical Publishing

New medical research companies such as have changed the way that many people think about the subject. Rather than the results being limited to a small number of large, long, and complex studies which are published in major medical journals, many more people can now take part in vital research.

This means that not all research is published in physical journals and that publishers in the academic field have moved away from being producers of physical objects to a role more similar to an arbiter of information. Even though the internet makes it far more straightforward to provide information about a large number of trials, there are now far more medical research studies in operation than any organization could review and publish. This means that the early review process is now far more important to publishers than ever before. They must have a strong team of people who can quickly identify which pieces of medical research are worthy of follow-up and publication.

What’s Next for Medical Publications?

The few medical research journals that still publish physical editions are likely to move entirely online within the next decade or so. This will complete the transition of the medical publication sector away from the model that it has followed for over 300 years. This transition will likely allow several new players to enter what has at times been a very monopolistic market.

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